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Nvidia Acquires ARM for $40 Billion

Nvidia announced on Sunday evening that it has reached an agreement to acquire Arm Limited from SoftBank for a cool $40 billion.

In this age of headlines that use the b-word in place of nine zeros it’s easy to lose t…

Original tweet :

Anyone else seeing nothing but grey tiles on for the standard layer?

Overpass turbo seems to be loading them fine.

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LibreOffice 7.0 includes many new image galleries: arrows, diagrams, flowcharts, icons, network images, and other shapes and symbols. A huge thanks to @andreaskainz1 and @zalmut for their work! Learn more about our Design Community:

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In an unpleasant surprise, while I'm browsing through my own collection of GPS tracks recorded in the ancient times of common era 2016... I have found that my edits was conveniently wiped by these AI import, made 8 months ago.

It has now been over 170 days since OpenStreetMap coastlines have been updated, despite no errors showing.
Can we please move on?

@rory Dunno how such things are meant to be handles, but is the slow demise of on the agenda for the next OSMF board meeting? Half the functionality has gone again.

Apparently the desktop version of now uses an OpenStreetMap based map for their COVID-19 Dashboard

So are the OSM-UK quarterly projects dead now?
I can't see any mention of ones for 2020 anywhere.

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Apparently MapwithAi data is available for the area where I grew up. I have very mixed feelings about this.

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People told me they are going to use Google's products because Google is a big company and Google won't be closed soon.

And they were right about Google won't be closed soon. Anyways, I used Wave, Hangouts, Translator Toolkit, Inbox, YouTube Video Annotation, Code, Pacasa, Orkut, Reader, and Talk.

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Cause there's some "what did you do this decade?" talk happening, just wanted to remind you don't stress about that shit. You are not a list of accomplishments, growth isn't always tangible like that.


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Very cool feature by @fdroidorg
We all need more of this air gapped friendly functionally

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Meanwhile, in the in Asia Telegram channel, somebody from reported that they're wrapping up their road mapping efforts in and are planning to start in soon.

Somebody from inquired whether they have plans to do follow-up on cleaning data imports FB has done in the past.

Just saw an ad saying I should use what3words to identify my location when calling the emergency services.

l always got the impression that w3w was proprietary, and required an internet connection. Surely that means there are better options for remote emergencies?

Open Location Code, geohash, or anything else computed on the device seem like better ways of shortening locations (both Google Maps and OsmAnd give you OLC without internet). Many of these systems can even be printed on a map.

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Google play just warned me that Niantic's latest game has been released: Harry Potter Wizards Unite.
Keep an eye out for fictitious edits.

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