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Normal Person: I need this Useful Thing. Here's a nice UT!
FOSS Enthusiast: It's not ideologically pure! You must not use it!
NP: OK, so you have an ideologically pure version of UT?
FE: It will be out in the Year of the #Linux Desktop. Just you wait.
NP: … I'm'a keep using UT that exists now.
FE: <tantrum that would shame a 3-year-old crack baby>

I'm having upload issues on OSM right now. Downloads seem fine. Anyone else having issues or do I have local connection weirdness?

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Why is there no paste as plain text option? Why? Do you really think I wanted to paste white text into this white background? Really? FFS

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And this is precisely why I'm passing on this one. It's not the vaccine, it's the completely unnecessary data gathering.

Say no to digital certificates.

Brazil health ministry website hit by hackers, vaccination data targeted

#Brazil's health ministry said its website was hit on Friday by a hacker attack that took several systems down, including one with information about the national immunization program and another used to issue digital vaccination certificates.

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Despite years of criticism across the spectrum, Chrome blunders forward with Manifest V3 and hopes the average internet citizen won’t notice or care. Here’s why you should:

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Anyone know if there is an effort afoot to fork Chromium and continue to develop a Chrome-like browser that supports ad blocking?

Very disappointed to hear that both Chrome *AND* Firefox are changing their plugin API in a way that will largely break ad blockers.

Wait, most of the weeklyOSM links are in English, but the English post doesn't exist yet?

On an unrelated note, Google Translate seems to produce intelligible stuff now. :-)

Dear online newspapers.

Stop auto-playing garbage videos put together by your interns. The few of us actually trying to read around all of your ads are already having to concentrate enough to pick out the article without an additional level of distraction.

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"Array or something idk I don't program"

submitted by DasEvoli

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One day I will learn. Never ask two questions in one email.

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Today I learned: Thingiverse are scanning for Amazon URLs, strip out the affiliate code, and replace it with their own affiliate tag.

Sorry Thingiverse, but you're an asshole.

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i love bypassing paywalls for news articles with

fuck you, USA today

Dear Chrome, your sneaky scheme to pretend you're more stable than you are by quietly restarting crashed processes* doesn't work when it causes 3 hidden videos to autoplay at once and I have to manually kill the lot.

Please stop.

* At least that's what I assume they're doing the other options are equally terrible.

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RT @lottelydia

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Web developers, if you intentionally hide your RSS feed, you are ensuring you go on my blocklist forever. Trying to hide your RSS feed when it clearly still works, does not make me want to sign up for your newsletter. It actually makes me never want to support you

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