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@AkuAnakTimur I think we're in the middle of switching to a different server?

@thinkMoult @rory

The folks at is pretty active, and not specifically just about , and may be able to connect you with mappers from Sydney

@Thechord there's also MagicEarth that utilizes Free data. It's free to use, but not

Vector-based map tiles from data by . I think this is great for OSM, to attract devs coming from another camp.

Tiles will be updated and hosted by ESRI.

@rugk @openstreetmap

Some local communities run their own Twitter accounts.

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OpenTripMap is a cool new based map for tourists. Easy web interface to search and show amenities that people travelling would need. Pretty cool. 👍🏻

@rugk @openstreetmap

Originally, it's meant to show mappers how to connect with the **local** community. That's great.

Right now, it's more like overwhelming them with too many channels to choose from.

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How did the #OpenStreetMap contributors in the #Philippines fare in the last 35 months?

Without organized mapping activities, we're only averaging about ~3,800 changes, which explains the peaks and valleys in the contribution.

The total number of contributors are not determinants of productivity, although they bestow diversity to the community.

@Kiwi @rory

True, that. And hopefully, this becomes the default SNS channel, instead of Twitter. And the official OpenStreetMap mastodon account for example, just echo their toots to Twitter, instead of the other way around.

@rory thanks for setting up this awesome instance 😉

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