The in the utilizes in their work. Mikko Tamura elaborates on their work flow, and the value volunteers create with and its impact to communities.

Bunny Soriano, biker and geographer in the , showing off his pocketable, analog bike route map from , in their talk in on imagery collection using

Sa'ming balitaktakan kahapon, pinaliwanag ni Bunny ang kanyang palagay ukol sa tagumpay ng mga kilusan nag-tataguyod ng mga wari-waring ideya, at ang papel na ginagampanan ng mga promotor, kunsintidor. At dinadag pa dito ni Mikko ang mga oripun.

Sino'ng nagsabing mapa at teknolohiya lang ang pinag-uusapan sa mga pulong? 🙃

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I used a week after I joined and discovered quite a few more of my Twitter friends had joined

I guess I’ll keep running this tool for a while.

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Do you suffer from mental health crises? A few years ago a friend floated the idea of an app that might help people cope. I've finally started putting together a prototype and would like a few people on standby to try it out. If you have an android phone, are in the UK and would be interested, please send me a direct message.

Boosts very appreciated. #mentalhealth #app #testerswanted

Are there folks here who use to check contributions from Maps.Me users?

It seems to have stopped updates since 27th July.

This is a traditional hot, thick chocolate drink in the , topped with pounded, glutinous young rice (hence their green color) , * at *

While working on the Laos flood mapping on , I found these cluster of trees.

I suspect this is a sugar palm orchard, but not sure.

I always thought this part of the TM notification system as spam-my. Even deleting it is tedious!

There ought to be a way to disable this, but still should receive notifications for invalidated tasks.

Vector-based map tiles from data by . I think this is great for OSM, to attract devs coming from another camp.

Tiles will be updated and hosted by ESRI.

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OpenTripMap is a cool new based map for tourists. Easy web interface to search and show amenities that people travelling would need. Pretty cool. 👍🏻

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How did the #OpenStreetMap contributors in the #Philippines fare in the last 35 months?

Without organized mapping activities, we're only averaging about ~3,800 changes, which explains the peaks and valleys in the contribution.

The total number of contributors are not determinants of productivity, although they bestow diversity to the community.

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