Are you in , this Saturday, 02.04.2022? Interested in Geo, want to learn /share something 🌍? Join me and friends to explore Free and Open Source GIS and during Linux Accra meet-up - from 2pm at Ghana-India Kofi Annan ICT Center -

We are happy that our FOSS report recommendation has been heard and accepted - @openstreetmap got it's own @nextcloud instance: - ping us if you need an account.

It’s that time of the month again where we come together to share and learn about yours truly @QGIS & what the community have been up to.

It's tomorrow! Further details:

Teaching to some local government agencies this Monday. Interesting someone asked and wanted to insist ArcGI$ be taught instead. QGIS forever

You can now join the Foundation as a voting member under the new Active Contributor Program, provided you achieve significant contribution, like 42 days of mapping over the last year or some other forms of contribution to the community (like organizing events, building software, etc.).

Twitter blocks us for promoting Free Software alternatives. A good example why tech monopolies are dangerous.

Today is the 16th anniversary of #OpenStreetMap. How are you goind to celeberate it?

There are people around the world organizing online meetings. You may want to participate or even organize your own. Check this page:

Use this occasion to talk more about #OSM to people.

Use #OpenStreetMap16 in social media.

We need your help to make @openstreetmap more Free and Open Source! Join the OSMF FOSS policy committee and help us to identify our tools and support the community to be open.

Connect on IRC ( or write us to

Everybody is welcome!

I just can't get over how great StreetComplete is. It looks fantastic, is incredibly easy to use, and actually makes it fun to contribute data about the Real World for the benefit of everyone.

If you run Android, be sure to give it a try: #OpenStreetMap #StreetComplete

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