Mapping Against Covid-19:
In a one-hour video, , walks us through how to improve with the goal of curbing the spread of -19, including how to:
- Set up mapping tasks
- Detail existing points of interests (POIs)
- Improve data about hospitals, health clinics, and pharmacies
- Use tools ranging from to and to improve the map 🔗

In less then a year, with one -donated camera, Belgium community shot 400.000 street level images with an open license. Donate or borrow a camera to help:

post "The End of the Map as We Know It":
Abstract: "Mailing list discussions and State of the Map presentations have both mourned and praised OpenStreetMap in this light. The arrival of cutting edge methods of collecting or extracting map data has left many wondering if there is space for a community and the touch of human hands."

's is back, encouraging location submissions from around the world with the goal to capture dense street-level imagery within the challenge area. The top three participants will be awarded cameras for the contributions at the end of the challenge:

If you’re in the UK (maybe elsewhere as well ?), you can rent a mapping camera from OSM UK (LG 360 handheld camera or Waylens Horizon dashcam camera) to improve your mapping or contribute to or :

En OSM Town | Mapstodon for OpenStreetMap

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