With the contribution theme on , there is now an even easier way for to contribute data related to places to sleep, to dump waste, to get provisions, etc.: mapcomplete.osm.be/campersite.

(Via Diaries: openstreetmap.org/user/joost%2)

Interesting report on the use of Free and Open Source Software by the Foundation : openstreetmap.org/user/xamanu/.

And to @rory for leading the pack on with the -oriented en.osm.town instance!

What hosted or self-hosted alternatives would you suggest they use ?

The Foundation Board launched the 2021 Survey to know what the community thinks about what the Foundation did last year and what do you think the Foundation should focus on for this year and in the future: lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm. Make yourself heard.

You can show your membership (and a lot more other) with on your profile on the wiki by adding the {{UserOSMFMember}} userbox to it: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Wi.

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“Providing data to ”: a straightforward how-to guide for organisations that want to contribute their data to . The guide covers all the prerequisites, as well as explaining the different approaches for integrating data, and discussing which approach will be most suitable in each context.


makes you do small tasks for every day. The goal is to map every day for at least a year. Tasks are small, five minutes each. The point is to map every day, not map as much as you can. There is no leaderboard.


is a field mapping tool for that supports offline mapping of nodes and ways (but does not support editing relations). Available for Android and iOS.


Smart Menu is a browser extension to ease access between different maps and tools from the community. It adds a button in your browser’s toolbar to generate a list of links based on the main OSM attributes you are seeing on the current page. This is specially helpful for users reviewing OSM data. But it also can be a delight for users that simply want to see different maps.


Awards 2020 call for nominees. As a community award, you decide who the nominees are, before you vote for them.


Introducing the Quick Fix Challenges that require no experience with editing tools like or . MapRoulette just asks simple yes / no questions: map.bingo/2020/03/04/introduci

Awards 2020. Once again, it is time to round up everybody who has done anything good
for the map and community, and honour their work with an award: awards.osmz.ru.

UK has published a YouTube playlist of the presentations at the recent + meetup that they hosted in London together with UK.


Want to contribute to a fictive ? is exactly that.

- opengeofiction.net/#map=12/44.
- wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Op

Can be a good alternative for people who are a bit “too creative” on . :-)

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