With the contribution theme on , there is now an even easier way for to contribute data related to places to sleep, to dump waste, to get provisions, etc.: mapcomplete.osm.be/campersite.

(Via Diaries: openstreetmap.org/user/joost%2)

Of course, it’s not unexpected that a map of sea makes continent outlines visible (it’s what they’re for, after all). What is fascinating is there is enough data to make a map so accurately detailed. And a colorful and visually pleasing result.


(Via : weeklyosm.eu/archives/14363)

With , you can create your own contribution theme to easily add data to . It’s a crossover of and : as easy to use as StreetComplete, but focused on a single subject (e.g. nature, bicycle infrastructure, ...).
- Video: youtube.com/watch?v=nVbFrNVPxP
- Project: github.com/pietervdvn/MapCompl
- Wiki: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ma

Do you know all street names in your area like the back of your hand ? Test your knowledge with the aptly-named game “Back of your Hand”: backofyourhand.com. It’s powered by data, so you can use it as a quality-assurance tool.

The second annual 30-day map challenge is starting November 1: gislounge.com/november-map-cha. Each day presents a new map challenge and cartographers are invited to create a map each day with the tools of their choice centered around that day’s theme and share it on social media using the hashtag.

“OpenStreetMap find” is a simple command line tool to explore data: github.com/codesoap/osmf (MIT License). The tool short name “osmf” can unfortunately be confused with “OpenStreetMap Foundation”, but that’s a minor issue probably.

Training developers in writing secure code is not easy. What do you think of the Security Knowledge Framework ?


SKF is a fully open-source Python-Flask web-application that uses the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard to train you and your team in writing secure code, by design.

Cultural exhibtion of is not so frequent. The exhibition "Mappa mundi, Contemporary cartographies" explores the different ways artists represent the world. Visitors discover a selection of works by contemporary artists, revealing how they see the world through various media: drawing, photography, video, installation and others. Running till October in .


Do you know .io ? It claims to be “the most secure messaging app in the world”: olvid.io. Are there users here ?

Interesting Citizen Science initiative, powered by Free Software and producing Open Data. allows citizens to count traffic passing by their house with an device powered by and for image analysis: telraam.net/en/what-is-telraam. Data is contributed to a platform where statistics can be consulted as and presented on a map powered by . The device can be ordered as a kit to assemble or pre-assembled, or you can do it yourself.

A complete project with , , OLED display, sensor (temperature, humidity and pressure) and a web server serving pages from the ESP32 file system () for consultation from your mobile: randomnerdtutorials.com/esp32-.

I’m celebrating my 100th follower this week ! I try to be consistent with my profile description and toot / boost primarily about OpenStreetMap, open data, open source, free software, fediverse, IoT, privacy and quantum computing. To improve the relevance of my toots and boosts to you, I’m interested to hear from you. For example, for what topics are you following me, are there subjects you would like to read more (or less... :-) from me, etc. ? Thank you all for your interest !

Convo is an open-source private event planner platform. With , you can create Convos and Events. A convo is like an announcement post which you can deliver to selected audience and events are just usual events.
- ilovefreesoftware.com/11/webwa
- hiconvo.com

Handy tool to discover the communication channels of local communities, be it your own local community or communities throughout the world: openstreetmap.community.

Three Wi-Fi attacks on the popular and family of chips: hackaday.com/2019/09/05/esp826. One of them allows for a complete hijacking of the encrypted session.

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