mappers use different approaches to model various types of intersections. The more the number of roads intersect, the more complex the intersection becomes. In this guide, is presenting different cases of intersections with their best practices and recommendations to follow during mapping: While you are there, be sure to check the other guides they have.

@Doudouosm Have you seen this talk at sotm?

It's a good point about how the OSM model isn't great for these sort of things...

@rory No, will look into it. Thx for sharing. And yes, there is a dilemma between adhering to imperfect mapping standards, so we’re all wrong but at least in the same way, and trying new things to see what works better, so we continuously improve.

@Doudouosm @rory

if I may chime in, as far as I understand, the raccomandations by Mapbox about junctions don't necessarily contradict the suggestion in the talk to tag areas with the "highway" tag

I understand they complement each other 🙂

The talk is extremely interesting and it was an epiphany to me !

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