Interesting report on the use of Free and Open Source Software by the Foundation :

And to @rory for leading the pack on with the -oriented instance!

What hosted or self-hosted alternatives would you suggest they use ?

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We did setup a fully working #floss #mobilizon for #osm France at
It is totally translated and de strongly encourage anybody to use It for osm and non osm event organisation and group making, and blog posts of groups


@Doudouosm dear god the needs it's own email. Gmail keeps dropping emails

@Doudouosm @rory would be great if users diary (on could be federated to fediverse.

@miklo @rory Diaries have an RSS feed and there are bots to toot from RSS, so it should be feasible.

@miklo @Doudouosm you'd probably have to file a feature request for the website ( ). But since that's a big project, I suspect you'd have to do it yourself

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