Hey @funkwhale users!
I'm looking for a #hosting #provider based in #europe that is rather cheap (~10€/month) and offers lots of #storage (500GB min) to install #funkwhale on #debian

Can anybody recommend something? Boosts appreciated!


@maximpistos Maybe you'll find a hosting provider via .org, a collective of free (Libre) hosting providers. Hope you can read French or use a translation tool : chatons.org/find




Have my vps at contabo now, thanks for all the suggestions!

I tried out @funkwhale on @yunohost and it runs smoothly! One thing that bugs me, is that music isn't stored in the yunohost.multimedia directory.

But awesome people are working on it: github.com/YunoHost-Apps/funkw

#funkwhale #yunohost #music #selfhosting

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