Announcing the iD Blog, a central place to find the what, how, and why behind :

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@Doudouosm maybe we need a blog telling all those horrible stories #osm editors see during cleanup from people using iD. If something's really screwed the first thing to look for which editor was used.

I sincerely apologise for not being positive and have phrased eupehmistically and politically.

I've also encountered bad editions from josm. I don't think iD is at fault, except maybe when some categories are not clear. Couldn't it be that the popularity, especially among inexperienced mappers, has a greater role, than the editor itself, in creating more bad edits than other editors?

@roptat @Doudouosm Not really. First, it's not whether bad edits *exist* but the ratio of those. Second, there is a long list of causes of those problems, many of those are inherent problems of the design of iD. Third, even I, a pretty experienced mapper have fscked up stuff in ID only to be fixable in JOSM, where the problem is actually visible _and_ obvious. I am not sure these iD problems are easily fixable, if at all. 😟

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