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OwnCast is a free open source self-hosted alternative to Amazon's Twitch, which lets you stream live video and text chat with viewers. The new official account is at:

➡️ @owncast

You can see a directory of OwnCast streamers at (and the software's own site is at

OwnCast is currently testing Fediverse support, which will let people follow from Mastodon etc.

#OwnCast #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting #Twitch #Alternatives #Fediverse

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Hey folks, it’s that time, again, where we’ve saved up enough donations to support a few open source projects. As we’ve always mentioned; we’ll spread the love to open source projects when we’ve reached a surplus in funding. For this round, we’ve decided to make 2 donations, in the amount of $300 each.

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Framasoft is a brilliant non-profit organisation which promotes free open software and libre decentralised services. You can follow them at:

➡️ @Framasoft (in French and English)

They have been around for years, and developed Fediverse platforms like @peertube and @mobilizon for example.

They depend on donations to keep going, and they're currently doing a fund-raising drive at:

#Framasoft #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Français #Francais #NGO #NGOs

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You don't need to have a PeerTube account to interact with PeerTube videos.

You can comment, like, share etc PeerTube videos and subscribe to PeerTube channels entirely from within Mastodon.

Just copy and paste a PeerTube video or account URL into the Mastodon search box and press enter. You will then be able to interact with it just as if it was a Mastodon post or account.

Replies to video posts in Mastodon will appear in PeerTube as comments below the videos.

#FediTips #Fediverse #PeerTube #PeerTubeTips

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Did you know the Free Software Directory at has over 16,000 free software packages. Join us for meetings every Friday for information and to help us do this crucial work:

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Third reason why it's important for the Fediverse to be decentralised is decentralisation protects it from catastrophic failure. If one part of the Fedi goes down, it doesn't break everything else.

The Fediverse is made up of thousands of independent instances. Every instance runs separately, usually on separate servers. Even the largest instance only has a fraction of the Fedi's total users.

Additionally, different instances may use totally different software (Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube etc) written by totally different teams, so software bugs will probably only affect a fraction of the Fedi at any one time.

By being so diverse and spread out, the Fedi minimises the impact of any technical problems.

Centralised networks are much much more vulnerable because they aren't diverse, they put all their technical eggs in one basket. That's why we regularly see Facebook down, Instagram down, Whatsapp down etc.

#Fediverse #FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

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Framasoft published this morning a donation campaign for 2022. I had the honor to fully illustrate it. You can flip more than thirty illustrated cards and discover this way this not-for-profit org.
Framasoft is really important to me. Pls support them💜

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Do you have strong opinions on #FreeSoftware in education? Is expanding copyleft licensing knowledge your goal in life? Are you keen to teach others about free software? Want to show off your free software setup? Submit to #libreplanet today

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Anyone heard of and/or using #cwtch ?

Decentralized messaging over tor. Looks interesting! And cryptographic identities 💜

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Good news in Europe. The EU court ruled that you are allowed to decompile and modify a software you legally aquired to fix errors.
Before that decompiling was illegal in some countries.
This is very important for those looking for errors that leak data :)

The European Cyclists’ Federation (, ) is looking for an who knows how to use data to research and analyse cycling infrastructure in Europe and produce reports that strengthen ECF’s ability to influence EU policies:

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Ok so yesterday I decided to start sending e-mails to every website I visit that doesn't comply with #GDPR when using #GoogleAnalytics etc. (things like: "by using this website you agree to...")

And the first one I contacted replied today to tell me it's fixed now 😁 They ended up removing Google Analytics all together.

You should try this too! 😄

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Want to join the fight for #privacy? Join Nextcloud!

We have over a dozen open positions in Marketing, Sales and Engineering.

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LibrePlanet will return online in 2022 with the theme "Living Liberation." Submit your session exploring how to accelerate the integration of free software into our daily lives today!

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Want to learn more about #Owncast, the ethical (and voluntarily open source) alternative to #Twitch?

Watch the “Independent and ethical video and streaming with Small Tech” episode we held with its creator, @gabek, on Small Is Beautiful:

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Hi fediverse, I'm working on to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


#tech #mastodon #privacy #fediverse #socialmedia #facebook #twitter

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We're celebrating! 🎉
20K users reached today!
(Excluding private instances which could match this figure easily.)

Thanks a million!

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