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" is not a map it's a database."and other important points being put across by Frederick Ramm at to disspell misconceptions. This is going to be a talk that's good to refer people to in the future.

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No wonder that big tech companies get interested in OSM. I missed that footnote of the report that tries to value : “Combining the total replacement cost of the OSM database, the value of the software development effort and industry standard maintenance costs yielded a total community replacement cost of $1,672,415,000”.

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Olimex is a manufacturer of open source hardware and components, follow their new account here:


Their website is at

Amongst other projects, they make the Pioneer FreedomBox home server running software by @freedomboxfndn :

They also make an interesting DIY laptop:

#Olimex #OSHW #OpenSourceHardware #FreedomBox #SelfHosting

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It looks like Jitsi thinks it's okay to spy/track their users via third party services (like Firebase, Crashlytics, Amplitude) in the name of 'chasing down malfunctions in software'.

#Jitsi #Privacy

The “Navigating ” report by recommends 10 best practices to help businesses “navigate the platform”:

Good to see number 4 is “Understand the guidelines and how to comply with the license and requirements.”

has been breaking records in May:
- the record for the most daily mappers,
- the most newly registered mappers in a day,
- and the most newly active mappers have been broken numerous times.

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The global #OpenStreetMap conference "State of the Map" (@sotm ) is happening this weekend. Instead of meeting in Cape Town, we do it online. The good part: No registration needed, just chime in!

Examining the 48 submitted proposals for the Microgrants Program, the committee announces the 12 projects selected for funding:

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0 A.D. is a free open source real time strategy game with a historical setting (sort of like "Age of Empires"). The developers are on the Fediverse:


The alpha version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official site:

If you want to help development or donate to the project, you can find out how on their website.

#0AD #ZeroAD #Gaming #RTS #RealTimeStrategy #AgeOfEmpires #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre

, guided by open access principles, ends negotiations for a new journals contract in the absence of a proposal aligning with the MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts.

shows how Free Software can be made available for the public sector. Etalab maintains two lists of Free Software. One is about the Free Software *recommended for* the public sector, while the other one links to Free Software repositories *created by* the public sector.

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The July issue of the Free Software Supporter newsletter is live! If you're not on the mailing list yet, join today:

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Graham Cluley is a computer security expert who writes an infosec blog and hosts the Smashing Security podcast. You can follow him at:


The blog is at

The podcast is at

#ComputerSecurity #Security #InfoSec #Internet #Online #Privacy #Hacking #CyberSecurity #data

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Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

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Who else thinks there are too many chat apps and frustrated your chat experience is too fragmented? built an app called NovaChat that solves this by aggregating them all in slick way. I'm an avid user and fan. Highly recommend:


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Firefox 78 available, includes a Protections Dashboard:

– There is a new Protections Dashboard at about:protections. The dashboard gives an insight into tracking protection, data breaches, and password management.
– The Extended Support Release (ESR) is also updated to version 78, introducing the changes of the previous releases to ESR.
– All remaining DHE-based TLS cipher suites are disabled by default. TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are disabled (again).

#firefox #firefox78 #https

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Wallabag is a free open source alternative to Pocket and other article-saving services. You can follow them here:


Their website is at

There are apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, Kindle, Kobo and others. It is also compatible with RSS readers.

You can self-host your own instance for free, or use the paid-for flagship instance at

#Wallabag #Pocket #Articles #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre #Alternatives #SelfHosting #RSS

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