Hmmm, IS the infrastructure of the future. Perhaps it's value would eventually surpass the value of roads themselves...

Mapping of bowling greens has been more active than allotments for some reason in the UK Quarterly Project.

Had a pretty good day surveying considering how dark and wet it is!

It is absolutely amazing that all the big consumers tech companies consume and contribute to we need to encourage there involvement.

To compare to again. Linux is the open kernel that has a lot of corporate use, involvement and financial support. is the open kernel without corporate involvement.

I don't want to contribute to libre kernel that nobody uses, I want to work on the libre kernel that EVERYONE uses.

OSM isn't just it's usable Open Data

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is both releasing more and using formats...

Suggests they're not scared of OSM's data, but it's tooling and developer market share.

There have been 153 defibs added in GB in the past month :)

Just added 20 defibs in Guernsey :)

Thanks to local company, Submarine, for the data.

Yesterday I had a good session adding addresses in a local village. Still a bit to be done but got the bulk of it is sorted.

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