No is my goal. While we use and the ODbL to further , it's fun to think of a world where we completely rejected the idea of ownership and what would be like.

So one of the talks was about pedestrian data. I add sidewalks via all the time, but I've just realised how much faster it is to add via and Overpass with the great Bing imagery here.

I did a couple towns really quickly, I think I'm gonna keep doing it.

New UK Quarterly Project: Tourism. Mapping camp sites, hotels, train stations and everything else useful for tourists.

So I did a diff on the Primark website, about a week ago vs today. It showed 1 less store. I made a note and a local mapper confirmed it had gone and removed it.

Is the even compatible with itself? If the attribution requirements are really this strong I don't see how you could include other ODbL data in

Anyone here render ? I want the a single png, with the equivalent of like z22 on a small residential area, some input on label locations, and rotated "upside down".

Looking at another geo dataset is making me feel even better about . Everyone has bad schemas, everyone has duplicates, everyone has made mistakes. Let's get better together

renders parking spaces. I might have to go through my local car parks and trace them soon.

has just published a new Daylight release. Wish I had a computer where I could download the planet and compute some sidecar files for it.

Recycling centres in the UK have been getting some much needed love over the last few days.

Being ignorant, bowls is often played by older people, and OSM is quite technical. I'd have assumed the overlap isn't that big.

Although does seem to have an older audience than other tech projects.

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UK has some MapRoulette challenges to help with the current Quarterly Project

It is absolutely amazing that all the big consumers tech companies consume and contribute to we need to encourage there involvement.

To compare to again. Linux is the open kernel that has a lot of corporate use, involvement and financial support. is the open kernel without corporate involvement.

I don't want to contribute to libre kernel that nobody uses, I want to work on the libre kernel that EVERYONE uses.

OSM isn't just it's usable Open Data

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AddressBase have a very hostile copyright structure, and a massive pay to play barrier. But could create a alternative for the people, by the people. It's not going to happen anytime soon, but it's inevitable.

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The OS Open UPRN is a annoyingly gimped dataset, but it's actually turned out to be incredibly helpful helpful at spotting errors in . Plus it might be our back door into AdressBase 🤫

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