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UK has some MapRoulette challenges to help with the current Quarterly Project

So I guess is the answer, but it's seems really complex to get OSM data in, and the projection looks different

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Anyone here render ? I want the a single png, with the equivalent of like z22 on a small residential area, some input on label locations, and rotated "upside down".

Looking at another geo dataset is making me feel even better about . Everyone has bad schemas, everyone has duplicates, everyone has made mistakes. Let's get better together

renders parking spaces. I might have to go through my local car parks and trace them soon.

has just published a new Daylight release. Wish I had a computer where I could download the planet and compute some sidecar files for it.

Talk-GB is getting more annoying than interesting... might to be time to unsubscribe from there too

Recycling centres in the UK have been getting some much needed love over the last few days.

He says while basically never mapping outside the UK, which has basically 100% of roads.

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The digital divide in OSM is very real, hopefully it's shrinking not growing

I've been cleaning up some old power=sub_station in GB. Looks like it's all been done before, but someone reverted it.

Managed to add a bunch of outdoor_seating=* with Bing today. Especially useful for UK COVID rules

Maybe it's actually not got anything todo with audience overlap. Tracing a blowing green is about as easy as it can get, 4 nodes in a perfect square, with 2 tags. Allotments are often less visible due to trees and the boundary aren't always obvious.

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Being ignorant, bowls is often played by older people, and OSM is quite technical. I'd have assumed the overlap isn't that big.

Although does seem to have an older audience than other tech projects.

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Mapping of bowling greens has been more active than allotments for some reason in the UK Quarterly Project.

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If you live in the UK, please sign this petition to ensure that it is not required for encryption services to establish backdoors to enable data access .

New Daylight release, interestingly includes a report on fixes Facebook has preformed.

UK has some MapRoulette challenges to help with the current Quarterly Project

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It's published on Medium (not my fault) but anyway this is a superb article about the #UK's broken land 'system', and how it structurally impoverishes almost everyone - except the people who are already wealthy.

#UKPol #LandValueTax #housing

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