Can any of you help me track down a Japanese translation?

I'm looking for a translation of "楽" ("raku"). Specifically, I'd like a source that translates it as "enjoyment and ease".

The online dictionaries I've found have provided "comfort and ease", which is _basically_ right, but not quite it. And I don't have access to print dictionaries at the moment.

I know at least a few of you are much more familiar with translation resources than I am – can anybody help me out?


Looking for reading recommendations on OpenStreetMap & colonialism. No specific direction, just, doing MapRoulette tasks made me wonder how maps are made by whom and who they're benefitting.

adventures in OSM 

What kind of labyrinthine construction is this supposed to be?

On this episode of Libre Lounge, @cwebber and @emacsen sit down with award winning artist @davidrevoy to talk about his is webcomic series Pepper and Carrot, the Sintel film, and how he started his Free Software/Free Culture journey.

Here is a comic panel colored from the future Pepper&Carrot episode 30. It will take more time than I expected to finish this episode but I'll keep my focus on delivering the quality I have in mind. Thank you all for your patronage and patience. ❤️
#webcomic #peppercarrot #krita

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