OSMTracker for Android simply crashed on launch after a recent update.

I was scrambling to find alternatives… could do it too (since ages!). Vector maps really help you can see your “trail” on the map.

I thought Ilya's imagery comparison tool was playing tricks with me, but, yeah.

Bing imagery and Mapbox Satellite was refreshed (probably, worldwide?).

Wait a minute... Bing imagery has fresher imagery in this area?!?!!?!?

I'm surprised!

Well, if I'm going to collect map data, it will be in the mornings only for the time being.

Never thought it lasted for a good few hours until the night.

Welp. Big fail.

Here's reason number 143849849 not to blindly trust any AI outputs.

MAXAR imageries were refreshed. No idea when it was taken, but surely it quite matched with whatever available, taken from street level.

What a difficult mess this is.

First serious case where AI reckoned a raised divider between plots of rice field is truly a highway, and unfortunately, the human dealing with the data went with the flow...

Here's what it actually looks like.

I'm actually could be fine and dandy (and not so full of negative vibes) if these remote mapping teams mapped these roads as something more inferior in terms of classification.

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I probably have uploaded around half a million GPS points around my local city (of Alor Setar, Kedah).

Still, tracks between July 2015 and maybe bits from last year haven't been uploaded yet.

Yeah, today my Bluetooth GPS unit has meet its Y2K bug I reckon

, but with Google: maps.google.com/roadmapper/u/0

Yeah, volunteer for for-profit corporate, because, why not. At this rate, might as well get rights (from one's own pockets) to proprietary databases for the sake of it.

I don't get it until today why those excess nodes deemed necessary, especially at junctions like this.

Recent Maxar imageries are apparently quite accurate with respect to high density of nearby GPS tracks.

But remote mappers know best than the actual local mapper, right?

👀 Was highway=unclassified, now highway=track.

That's a significant difference!

Facepalm of the day.

Buildings were traced by me from 2018.

The magic fictitious highway, traversing through the same building was from the GlobalLogic team.

Great, there goes my edits. Merged and wiped.

It appears to be a small issue, but hobby mappers like me spent own money (burning fuel, ahem) to actually go around places like this (and didn't ask for any kind of reimbursements).

When paid contract mappers do things like this, one may not need to wonder why paid, contracted mappers actually affected hobbyists (well, burning out hobbyists, more like)

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