I'll take quality over quantity. Sure, AI outputs for might beat humans to it (wrt quantity), but seriously, human intervention is still required: e.g. numerous crappy outputs needed to be sifted before saying yes to the automated process

Who needed a billion plus nodes for an almost straight road?

Why a building has missing atria?

So many more weaknesses, but surely, when a mapper knew how to actually exploit these to their advantages... a human is definitely the key to produce quality map data.

@AkuAnakTimur I remember a code to reduce the number of nodes after a hand-painted coastline. AI should do such too, at last.


If I recall correctly, Meta/Facebook did mention about an algorithm to reduce most of them automatically. Alas, human intervention is still needed (some were still have to be trimmed further)

@AkuAnakTimur Oh, decades ago, I had this see-line drawing function in my
And you will find it as "buildSimplifiedNodeList" in here:
(Got it from an OSM user, i can't remember, and trans-coded it to JavaScript)

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