Arghhhh… I'm getting a bit mad seeing Grab*Geostar mapper(s) overwriting ground truth with undisclosed data.

A certain highway can carry another (nick)name. However, I'm sticking with what is displayed on the street sign. Golden rules and all that — at least you're not making things up.

Grrrrrr... yeah, I might as well tell them to mess around with the "sandbox" first rather than saving live edits. Seriously, no validations?

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@AkuAnakTimur 🤔 if they're copying from a random source, that could be a problem? A data working group problem....


Actually, your statement is correct.

At least they're not yet copying from random sources.

The thing is I'm the second person complaining about these kind of edits coming from uni students, under the Grab*Geostar programme.

(yeah I shall send feedback to Grab about this)

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