Found plenty of out-of-copyright Malaya (what was a part of the present Malaysia) maps, archived by the National Library of Australia.

The NLA freely mentioned these maps are out of copyright. Also, they provide download links in both JPG and TIFF formats.

Would love to use this (to improve for sure), but probably would hear any precautions before straight using it for mapping.

For obvious reasons, some places e.g. hamlets are now has disappeared.

@AkuAnakTimur Great find! I have no expertise in any of this; I believe there's an OSM working group or similar that can make sure of copyright issues.

Also, of course, put the resource on the country/state wiki page with obvious links, and how to load the images into JOSM, or a link of how to.

All I can think of.

Anyone else build or correct that?

That's all I can think of

@matthewsheffield @AkuAnakTimur The LWG can do legal stuff ( )

Posting to a general OSM list would help, there's plenty of people who can help interpret copyright.

@AkuAnakTimur In Ireland we also used GSGS maps! We used MapWarper to georectify & host them.

Obv. caveat: Names might not be 100% accurate, esp when a foreign gov is making the maps.

BTW do you know about ?

@AkuAnakTimur Did you see that Firefishy was doing something similar for Namibia & South Africa? He found old maps, and crowd funded to buy em. Maybe he might know more about how to use old maps from a country which mapped another country?


All neat stuff! Reckon I'll discuss in the mailing list first.

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