Oooooo~ The National Library of Australia offers Mapwarper! Neato

I've seen sites shamelessly gobbling up Wikimedia's OpenStreetMap map tiles. Thanks Google for your practice to offer “““free””” map service and suddenly, one day, they're behind a paywall.

Great, another backlog.

Just hope that these ground truth will make their way into sooner or later. 😂

Several social media posts (which had gone viral in my country) indicated people tend to pick Google Maps over Waze

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Logging Roads (used to be a few years ago) is now OSM Earth:

It is (was?) an initiative to monitor logging activities in tropical rainforests:

It used to get endorsed (probably too funded?) by the European Commission, but sorry for the link amnesia.

Finally, places that are literally parks (“taman”) themselves. Proper signage, and Bob's your uncle.

In a nutshell, there's a reason why things were categorically mapped, really carefully…

(Duh, I care a lot about it. That's why these Pokémon Go cheaters grind my gears to the max, unfortunately.) [4/end]

Some shiny brand new housing estates might have proper open areas: really spacious ones with some facilities e.g. jogging paths, benches, one or two dedicated sport pitches, gardens, etc.

Without doubt, even if this would be mapped remotely by me, this fits closer to leisure=park than merely something so plain and ordinary recreational ground.

Ground truth might back these facts up, though obviously there's no authority to check for verifiability. [3/]

Now, should every open area, especially in housing estates be considered automatically as leisure=park landuses?

This gets really subjective: older housing estates usually provide a small greeny patch and probably one or two (probably out of use) playground facilities.

Nah. That sounds like playground. If I'm a bit generous, then it might be mapped as recreation ground. [2/]

Via this week's WeeklyOSM, “when is a park is mapped a park in OpenStreetMap” could also be a point of contention here in Malaysia IMHO.

Some (usually those who gamify OpenStreetMap, ahem, for Pokémon Go) would freely map a piece of land, dedicated for children to roam around as a leisure=park.

Technically, these planned areas are called as “kawasan lapang” in the Malay language by local councils. The phrase, loosely translated, would mean, an open area. [1/]

editor is truly fantastic for edits just like this. I only used Firefox for Android, bam, and a fuel station, formerly out of business, now reopened and is reflected on .

Elements properly tagged is beneficial for mappers! In this case, the closed way was tagged with disused:amenity=fuel. So all I have to do is remove some part of the key and any other unnecessary tags. Yeah!

Gee, I wonder why Niantic don't bother to give back to OpenStreetMap, when their games using OpenStreetMap data are listed as ones that made the biggest revenue making apps/games.


Yeah, Facebook, you might want to keep a copy of OpenStreetMap notes coming from your site's users (through map error reports), from

Your site has notifications, hence, let's just say it's linked to the actual note put in Interactions from active mappers may be possible, if there are questionable edits, etc.

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I just did my first GPS tracking using OSMTracker! 😀

Now, even though it's uploaded on (, I just found out that this website is not about showing GPS traces details.

Do you know any OSM-based service where we can upload gpx files and display all its information?

Sure, that sounds a lot… but TBH OpenStreetMap data in Facebook is merely a raster one. Not even a vector based data 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mapping hiatus. Maybe until November 😟

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Nice article about an #OpenStreetMap workflow including some tips on what to take note of when visiting a place for mapping: #OSM

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