"MAPS.ME android 9.1.8-Huawei"

Is that the Huawei App Gallery?

(ooh er, make sure your bookmarks were moved or backed up somewhere safe beforehand!)

Apparently you have to completely wipe all old related files before updating the app from .

If not, then you might be seeing double, especially realigned OpenStreetMap elements.

Whew, adding addresses is one uphill task

Arghhhh… gutted to know that I left my Bluetooth GPS back home, on a car journey, as I pulled the car into the wonderful holiday traffic 😞

Thinkpad's trackpad is good enough for JOSM, but I prefer mice than the red nub. Otherwise, it's a solid machine for a brief, quick edit.

Before I'm going trigger-happy straight to the DWG, let's spruce something up and hear from their (GlobalLogic's) side. Here goes rant number one.

(I too am very happy for anyone reading this toot to speak their mind)


What's the point making 90-degree turns more curvy?

Especially in indoor parkings?


To be frank: I'm outnumbered by a factor too many (it's me against several paid, contracted mappers) if I'm going to repair these mistakes - which may be prevented in the first place.

Tempted to report these edits to the DWG very seriously this time, but of course, I must collect sufficient ground truth evidences. Then it all depends on the DWG...

At this point, it's really hard to look on the bright side of these GlobalLogic edits. I could only see their obnoxious, misleading and/or incorrect edits.

My local city is not _that_ big, but I don't know if wiping everything (hi DWG) would teach them another lesson...

La dee flipping da. Screw me hard, collecting GPS tracks recorded from a specialised GPS tracker (Qstarz BT818 Bluetooth).

Me: Hey GlobalLogic mappers! Please use my uploaded GPS tracks too!

Probably their supervisor: Sure, fine!


Their team: ~~~~La la la la~~~~ (see below screenshot)

(I should get a hi-vis vest with OpenStreetMap label behind it. That way, people would at least not suspecting me robbing the houses)



I cannot understand why this highway (openstreetmap.org/way/41905543) was made to connect to the adjacent highway (openstreetmap.org/way/70659447).

I know, I've been there myself and embarrassed myself getting to a dead end, while the dwellers stared at me, curiously.

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