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Looking for some way to upload OpenStreetMaps on my old Garmin eTrex Venture HC, i love this little handheld GPS. But all i can find is Windows software that generates detailed maps that the device cannot render. #gps #garmin #openstreetmap

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This is why I encourage people to use good changeset comments: imagine you must dig through hundreds of edits of someone to figure out which one caused all the mess.


Found out (the heart-breaking way) that some people think it's totally alright to actually copy from OpenStreetMap to, let's just say, Waze...

The viable alternative available at the moment is exporting tracks and view them through OsmAnd, but… yeah…

The OSMTracker for Android app has been blocked from serving Mapnik tiles 😅 so, so unfortunate.

I have plenty of tracks which I'm going to upload to OpenStreetMap, but before I do so, it'd very convenient if Mapnik map background in that app works again… looking any workarounds if anyone knows.

Eid holiday — or where the streets stopped being busy for a while.

Hey, looks like the local council decided to put up sign for most bus stops. Useful, but if and only if the public transport in both Kedah and Perlis state can be better in terms of frequency.

Accuracy and Precision in Geographic Coordinates by David Medeiros, GIS Reference and Instruction Specialist, Stanford Geospatial Center.


I believed this sign was erected quite recently.

The mystery of the actual name of the Malaysian Federal Route 1 across a particular stretch from Butterworth, Penang to Alor Setar, Kedah; is finally solved.

Will update OpenStreetMap maybe later this month.

Well, this may apply to contributors: on both the coding and data sides.

Reckon there will be more weight for those with positions in The Foundation.

Grrrrrr... yeah, I might as well tell them to mess around with the "sandbox" first rather than saving live edits. Seriously, no validations?

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"OSM is super easy, just create an accound and start editing the map!"

I’m not a huge fan of promoting OSM this way.

I love improving the map to add more and more details about my city. It’s much less fun to have to use undelete tools or dig through history to restore mistakes by careless newbies.

I agree that protecting some objects against changes or peer certification will deter new people from joining. But I’d like to hear thoughts about how to protect the map against such edits.

Arghhhh… I'm getting a bit mad seeing Grab*Geostar mapper(s) overwriting ground truth with undisclosed data.

A certain highway can carry another (nick)name. However, I'm sticking with what is displayed on the street sign. Golden rules and all that — at least you're not making things up.

How come the Sentinel-2 download managed to fail at the very completion of the file?

Academic paper ahead:

Corporate Editors in the Evolving Landscape of , published on 18 May 2019

On the motorcycle, collecting GPS tracks. Caveats: I usually tend to ride it on second position, so it all depends on the error (accuracy) from the GNSS receiver. Although there's only one or two occasions where the receiver went way too off, ended up on buildings.

Pseudo-flashback from 2013/2014 when I first begin editing OpenStreetMap.

Yes, only Bing imagery was available (before Mapbox chipped in to grant access to their imagery).

There was only Landsat imagery available in my place, so tracing had to be done from collected GPS traces.

(Low-end) Android devices are getting cheaper, and that helped a bit.

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