Learned the hard way today that is wonky on an interrupted connection

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My new workflow with at a first glance a tad quicker than my previous method. Now I usually go through sequences and bookmark whichever things that piqued my interest to map. Then edit in .

That, however, seemed doesn't go well with a sequence with 5000+ photos. OpenStreetCam was very happy to tell me it's having a hiccup quite frequently (Ups! Not found yadda yadda yadda). But frequent force refresh sorted that out.

Though it was 16 years ago, and the waves were ~2 meters max (reports from Penang said the waves were even ~3 meters in height), the coastal areas of my state was inundated by the Boxing Day tsunami.

One of the hardest hit places now has this "Tsunami Square".


So... a good few hours of pseudo-data collection from ; and another few hours mapping those?

No wonder I'm putting up extra weight during these mandatory lock-ins.

I swear I've already aligned a good portion of my data with respect to my own collected GPS tracks and public tracks uploaded on OSM... that's before the advent of better imageries nowadays (say, 4-5 years ago).

Those AI outputs, with excessive nodes were slapped on sloppily with a significant offset!

I don't have the will to make it accurate again... all I want today is to add data productively - not getting too upset re-aligning things though!

Now, if you'd excuse me, I'm going to snipe some remote mappers off with all these photos

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A ten-year volunteer FourSquare contributor decides to continue their contributions to instead.


Grab is showing some effort to recover from their GlobalLogic fiasco - now at least they're making some GPS tracks and any associated street level photos accessible from OpenStreetCam.

It's actually really helpful, because these GPS tracks would indicate any unmapped placed, etc.

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Fascinating to see how we're treated because Google doesn't yet have our new street or address on its maps. Food delivery & couriers failing. Online services requiring addresses are baulking. Very frustrating. These services depend on Google Maps/Addresses, but Google offers no guarantees about timely updates. Rather worrying the degree to which these proprietary dependencies emerge. Should be an open gov't service! openstreetmaps.org has had our address/street for months, since I added it.

Imagine Google Street View is kosher: then OpenStreetMap itself would be more than feature complete!

Alas, some people needed to be told why there are street geometries already present in OpenStreetMap - but it's not named.

(Yes, yes, all that copyright)

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Almost 7k unique, active users on last Tuesday, 12th May 2020 editing , setting a brand new record.

Previous record was 6897 users set on January 2017.


I was trying to look for official names for multiple stretches of federal route number 1 through OpenStreetCam... but sadly, it seemed like I'm looking for a needle in haystacks (there is indeed a database for that, but licensing problems though)

Subsidised internet provided due to mandatory social distancing will come to an end.

I guess my personal armchair adventure exploring through , of varying photo quality might be over. Two months time have passed!

My workplace will re-open as well to allow select staffs to come to work too.

Some Malaysians on the road must have been in a relationship with hogging on the rightmost lane of it (worse, not in a position of overtaking anything!).

That's a sure way to record less than ideal street level photos e.g. cropped road signs.

Interesting ways (accidental pun!) to actually tag named tunnels for an important road - in this case, an expressway.



Though there are less than 1000 elements that make use of the man_made=tunnel


2000+ OpenStreetCam photos translate into 1GB of data transfer

To evangelise OpenStreetMap in Malaysia, I reckon a snippet of the free/libre culture is important to explain how OSM works.

Too many times I caught people updated street names in OSM from proprietary sources (don't really have to guess which one).

Some Malaysians (?) thought the "open"ness in OSM is the freedom to not respecting copyrights.

P.S. piracy over here is... uh, might stay high for many years to come. OTOH works made in MY produced under Creative Commons is not readily available...

Remote mappers seem ignorant of important notes (left by mappers on the ground) inscribed in highways (usually).

That's why they thought their fix has improved something, when in reality, there's nothing broken.

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