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weeklyOSM is back on Mastodon! Here is our new issue Nº496 with the most recent news:

OpenTracks, now with overlay!

It is apparently looks the same as the abandoned Google MyTracks app - a fitness tracker.

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So I updated the damn client a little bit

And moved procedures for communication with the server to "kind of library" file :)

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Provided the weather was fantastic, hey, Sentinel-2 imagery can be that good to trace roads still under construction!

The scene was from yesterday (yes, 17 January 2020) and I've already made changes for OpenStreetMap.

Can't thank the European Space Agency enough for this kind of open data!

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Community members, what are your thoughts on OSM's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats that OSM faces? Please share them on the wiki page created by @allan_mustard:  (you need an OSM wiki account). Read more:

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#2256 "Bad Map Projection: South America" 

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I wonder if it's sufficient to tag a medical laboratory, where blood check service, for example, is provided, using just healthcare=laboratory, like this one:

Note that it's not rendered on Mapnik. Only its house number is. And I cannot find an appropriate amenity tag to use.

ตอบเป็นภาษาไทยก็ได้ครับ Answering in Thai is also welcome.

#osm asked by @thep

cc @mishari @AkuAnakTimur

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Simple hack for #JOSM here to an everyday problem.

I was trying to reorder bus route relations. It’s a long road with a complicated layout. JOSM will show you the same name multiple times, it’s an error-prone situation.

My solution: renaming the ways by adding a prefix. Then, ordering the routes becomes quite simple.
Do not forget to restore the names before uploading the changeset.

I am sharing this story, in case it might be useful for someone.

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Talking on social media is one thing, but You Gotta Do The Work. So time to continue to map buildings myself.

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RT @iamnunocaldeira
FIY those that miss Maxar imagery to map on OpenStreetMap, it's still available on RapiD. strange, but it is

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A question from @allan_mustard got me into some mind mapping.

Sorry DWG for such an interruption during this festive season.


Wrote an essay explaining how I traced the road geometry... and yeah. Hi DWG, please take care of these people.

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