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There is a 6th layer on now: CyclOSM. πŸ‘

It provides several benefits over the existing Cycle Map layer. Among others, you can easily see roads with cycle lanes. And tiles appear to be regenerated more frequently too.

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When you don't post your home address online, but are a known contributor πŸ˜‚.

In this case of 99 Speedmart, yes, I've ever been there when I was around KL.

They sell the typical things you'd find in any other shop, some things on a limited time offer, others more or less cheaper than other competitors; or otherwise. Just retail things.

I still don't think it's a variety store. But yeah, my mother tongue is not English.

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"The line between variety store and convenience store is pretty thin."

Is it though...?

Personally, I think variety stores are those that offer items at fixed price points (e.g. RM 2.10, RM 5.00, RM 10.00 etc).

They might offer something else, but usually they'll be on shelves for a limited time. Once gone, then there's the possibility it's gone forever.

Come mini markets, they're just the usual shop, but smaller.

I just can shut one eye seeing these people map unmapped highways.

But changing things already in the map because "imagery said so" and in the same time, disposing actual ground truth... I just can't!

Alright, alright. Rant over. Have a happy 2021.

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Personally, 2020 in OSM for me, has made seen the what (can and) went wrong with Organised Mapping Teams.

Unfortunately some bad apples took the centre stage of the grand scheme... topped with triple surprises: Facebook AI import, Apple Map Data Team, and the return of GlobalLogic.

Some Malaysian mappers might encounter annoyances from Kaart mapping team - however, my focus area of edits were "spared". Can't really say much though.

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2021 hopes: sorry, unless communications somehow got better... I have trouble welcoming Salaried Organised Mapping Teamsβ„’ to mess around places around where I live. Specifically the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

Someone else have to deal with the mess of bad map data left behind, leaving scattered all over, only to be discovered soonβ„’.

Oh yeah, I have recorded GPS tracks to prove my point.

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AI import fail(?)

See how wibbly wobbly the east-west highway is from the imagery.

Now I have the answer of this haunting thing: why supposedly straight highways (like these), originally traced ~8-9 years ago; have slight kinks, here and there...

The algorithm gobbled it all up but the human went with it...

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Divide and map. Now. helps mappers by dividing some big area into smaller squares that a human can map.

It’s been a year already since I announced the project, so it’s time to summarize the first year of development.

Well, good news for iOS users of the MAPS.ME app: they reverted the app's interface (but the wallet stays).

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Wow, that's a very impressive DIY skills making a tripod for a cycle with a good angle to take street level photos

Apparently quite a sizeable number of worldwide OSM-based map app is made in Czechia.

Somebody from Hacker News said because "Czechs are very outdoor-sy people" so they need an offline map that worked well. This in turn, by word of mouth, people recommended the best app in town.

I really hate to share this bad omen on this day but what the hell happened to MAPS.ME iOS version?!

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Patrick L. Archibald is a cyclist blogger keeping track of his journeys on the Fediverse and on OpenStreetMap. You can follow at:

➑️ @pla

His website is at

#PatrickLArchibald #Cycling #Cyclist #Bicycle #Blog #Blogging

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