The DigitalGlobe Premium Vintage is showing acquisition dates as recent as August 2018 near my place. Interesting, nonetheless.

The actual imagery however is not showing any newer updates at the moment.

Is imagery update coming soon? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Too early to tell.

DigitalGlobe actually used to send trucks to Amazon servers to get things done.

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β€œSo I decided to ask my Council (Fermanagh and Omagh District Council or FODC for short) if they would consider allowing me access to the list of Roadnames so I could try and improve them on OSM. Needless to say I was shocked and stunned by their offer to release the data under an Open Licence for everyone to use!!”

If you never try you'll never knowwwwwwww~

Found plenty of out-of-copyright Malaya (what was a part of the present Malaysia) maps, archived by the National Library of Australia.

The NLA freely mentioned these maps are out of copyright. Also, they provide download links in both JPG and TIFF formats.

Would love to use this (to improve for sure), but probably would hear any precautions before straight using it for mapping.

For obvious reasons, some places e.g. hamlets are now has disappeared.

The number of blocked users seemed getting steeper lately

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We use @mastohost here on and they regularly update mastodon software. Read more about Mastodon 2.7 here

I mean, it's obvious: you can't say a bare ground with grass growing on top of it; and where children go play outdoors in late afternoon - is a park.

A public park usually has better infrastructures built in a piece of land as well e.g. jogging paths, huts, possibly benches, etc.

The Malay language equivalent leisure=park could be "Taman Awam". There must be "Taman" in it, or otherwise, their edits are merely hacking OpenStreetMap for virtual purposes.

Places where children can play especially in residential areas are considered as a "Kawasan Lapang", that is, recreational areas or landuse=recreation_ground, for active or passive recreational activity.

Sorry Pokemon Go players, no more parks for you.

Digging from the council's documentations, surprisingly what is considered as a leisure=park is actually _very few_ in its true spirit.

Backlogs: my own collected map data since last month (probably halfway done) and repairing tagging for the renderer errors in Sabah (IIRC)

There's already on , so, at least, you can get owners of Android tablets to join a or even attend a mapping workshop and the likes.

iPads however...

Beware armchair mappers (or Machine Learning output validators). 'Tis merely a grassy path.

Finally seeing that new highway on . Took them about a month.

I bet they must've taken it from .

Aha! Apparently 2018 didn't beat 2016-7 in terms of mapping days. Probably inched closer to 2014.

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