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One guess what this is .... the only weirdness seems to be related to making the window larger, but otherwise works as expected (version 18 will make working with mouse / pen more efficient BTW).

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You probably know that there are many historical features that's regularly added in , many for their touristic appeal

Have you tried the project, than renders these features exclusively?

Thematic rendering is sometimes really useful for finding or identifying issues, or tagging concerns about OSM data.

I think this is true regarding all the OpenStreetMap notes left by the users of Meta apps (Facebook and Instagram)

OpenStreetMap Taiwan at least has a place to hang out: the MozTW Space Taipei.

What Moz you wonder? Of course, Mozilla!

Mapping educational institutions and also, what really the ISCED levels are (the isced tag is prominent in )

Singapore HQ: It's OpenStreetMap

Outside Singapore, this press release somewhat is using the OpenStreetMaps moniker

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Basically Grab is saying they're launching GrabMaps and they're up for grabs (yes, that's intended) to be used outside Grab's own ecosystem.

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Today's press conference:

"Grab will no longer be dependent on paid map and location-based services from third party providers. Grab continues to use as its base layer map via an Open Database License."

A Nominatim instance by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

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Ughhhhh hoarding more and more unmapped data, yet, I haven't found the right time to put 'em all on ! *long scream*

Also, no copyright disclaimer doesn't imply you're free to snatch the data for OpenStretMap

"I am following ᚛ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ᚜ [toot composer's remarks: Amanda 😅 ] as they are leading the way with a diary entry."

Is it expected that any Bing StreetSide photos will never show up properly in any OSM editors?

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Attempted an edit after a long hiatus (caught COVID) and JOSM suddenly crashed!

Not today then, well...

Caveat: closed ways only for Mapcarta. Not multipolygon relations. But yeah, Mapcarta can do better.

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Imagine a named residential area with a handful (say, 5 or 6) units of house deserves a place=* tag just because it's not shown on some Mapbox tiles or MAPS.ME...

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Can commercial renderers do what and OsmAnd do? Wow, residential areas are rendered correctly and without resorting to mapping for the renderer hacks (place=* tags)!

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