Toyota/Lexus is chipping in as well (?), again, vetted by Mapbox first before edits made it into OpenStreetMap

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Mapbox Contribute: kinda "vetted" (by Mapbox) map edits (to OpenStreetMap) contributed by laypeople

Noticed a fine detail: on Safari, OSM's favicon is rather the very minimalistic icon, green in colour.

Best bit of mapping in 2021: the hottest place in Malaysia has a landmark for it, sharing the pride with the road users, passing nearby

Apple Data Team's Andrew Wiseman is a Communication Working Group volunteer? Interesting.

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People's Front for the Liberation of Null Island

First serious mapping of twenty-twenty (too)... 500 map changes, most of which re-aligned stuff to match my own GPS traces...

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Waow, I didn’t expect that—because it was 1 a.m. in Belgium—but apparently this changeset of mine is the first one in the database in 2022, because changes are recorded in UTC. 🥇

changeset id="115624709"

What the hell?! My initial edit made more than 5 years ago was closer to reality...

Worse, some phones with only 3G connection may have trouble installing the app in the first place (some provider has sunset the 3G spectrum very recently)

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"Use what3words to pinpoint the house's location, it's much easier to request help and assist the flood relief"

Noooo... Sorry, terrible idea. 50-50 Malaysians set their phone to display the English language. Unless magically the app decided to change into Malay language locale and uses words in the Malay language for geolocation... I don't think shouting the three (English) words (incorrectly) on a phone call is the best way.

"You must be silly. Rounded UI elements? Icons on buttons? The slightest hint of colour UI?"


Might stick with Mail.RU's overpass turbo instance... But of course, running it in a private session though!



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The UI is slightly better polished. And I loaded a custom layer (in this case, Google's satellite layer)

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Is Mail.RU's overpass turbo instance fine to use... or it's tinfoil hat time (because trackers)?

is wonderful. Saw 2 mappers based in my country (Malaysia), whom registered their accounts back in 2009 and 2011. Yeah, they are back into mapping, after a very significant hiatus!

"This account is no more contributing as a part of the Grab team and is inactive from $date. Any questions or edits are made by this user, you can reach out to grab‍‍DOT‍‍osm‌‍AT‍globallogic‌‍‍DOT‍com or geo‌‍‍DOT‍‍‍‍‍‍community‌‍AT‍grab‌‍DOT‍com"

Well, that's... nice? At least mappers won't shout at clouds anymore.

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