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Long time, and super active mapper Tshedy will spend next Friday on a 24 hr one woman mapathon, to bring the map of to the next level of completeness.
An hour of your time mapping, or cheering on, can help.

Yeah, something went wrong with this person from Rochester, Michigan... the courage to fight with the DWG is something...

Facebook, would you bother to update your map tiles? OSM Notes are now the place where people are complaining that they cannot see their businesses, etc, etc...

The Golden Gate Bridge in California is mapped this way too (as tourism=attraction, as a closed way). Pedestrians can access the bridge.

Compared with Tower Bridge in London, a single node is used. Well, people visit the exhibitions on the literal bridge by foot.

I'd argue for the case of Penang Bridge where no pedestrian (and cycle) access is allowed... tourism=attraction? Looks like not the case.

Adding certain features e.g. only place of worships, complete with names, for a whole city may trigger a red flag. How are you supposed to know that without, ahem, Google Maps*?

*Google Maps is consired reliable in Malaysia

Though "Part of this information [about use of this site] is collected using tracking cookies set by Google Analytics."

Ah, okay.

"Thank you to the contributors to OpenStreetMap, Wikidata, GeoNames, Wikipedia and Wikivoyage. Thanks to Mapbox for providing amazing maps." offers image extracts of OpenStreetMap with Mapbox style.

OpenStreetMap attribution is included automatically in extracted map.

They're using Mapbox tiles with GeoNet Names Server geographical database. Probably Geonames as well. Which may be highly erroneous to pointing out places.

Ah, so someone has added the relations of (so many) straits very recently, e.g. The English Channel was created on 31st January 2019.

Aaaaaaandddddd sometimes cannot be reached

I'll continue mapping later, maybe tomorrow.

Time outs here and there... changesets were made open and it can't be closed because requests to API would be timed out.

Signing up for OpenStreetMap via Google Account failed? 🤔

Whew what d'ya expect. The Internet Archive did the same too, protesting about the EU's Copyright Directive.

When someone realises that most OpenStreetMap-related services are hosted in Europe...

(though OpenStreetMap itself has a root from Europe)

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