An outdoor , mains-powered camera that does **not** phone home, uses a “cloud service” or any of that bollocks?

I'd be grateful for any suggestions. 🙂

@61 what do you mean exactly? Some unwanted cloud features on wifi devices?

@61 ah, your looking for a product - no idea but you can check openwrt table of hardware - maybe you are lucky and there is something where you can install your own Linux

Nope, looking for a consumer grade video to install at an outdoor location (well, asking for a friend actually, but same thing 🙂) and the only stuff I can find proxies connections via the manufacturer's own servers and/or stores data in them.

Obviously this is unacceptable in terms of and and in terms of not ending up with a brick when the manufacturer gives up maintaining their server one year later.

@61 if you are willing to invest some time it's possible to use a usb-cam + usb-wifi-device that runs openwrt + network-mount or "local" storage like a 64gb usb stick that should be enough for days/weeks of data. However I'm not sure if there is something out of the box - but I guess that most tools should support an samba-mount (at least I hope so) - however never did research - maybe asking on reddit or some specialiced forums might provide more infos...

@61 check out the ubiquiti cameras. You set up UniFi protect inside your house, and the camera stream there, not to cloud


Both good ideas. We'll do some research along those lines. If anything comes out of it I'll post back (it may take a couple of months).


@61 @mt great! Feel free to reach out with questions, otherwise I look forward to seeing where you end up

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