In bed, too early to sleep so decide to watch a film. Too lazy to go fetch my laptop.

So I use to open an session on the laptop and run 's kdeconnect-cli -d xxxxx --share file:///path/to/that/film.mp4

And watch the film on on me phone.

If I hadn't been on the same I would have copied the file into my directory and synchronised from there.

All the apps mentioned available on @fdroidorg.

@61 what is this command? (Not kde user here) is it similar to scp?



In a way. If the argument to --share is a file:// URL it copies the file to the target device. If it is an http:// URL then it opens the URL in a browser on the target device, and so on.

Or, if you're asking about more generally, it basically bridges your phone and your desktop, allowing you to transfer stuff back and forth, initiate phone calls, read and answer SMS, etc.

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