In bed, too early to sleep so decide to watch a film. Too lazy to go fetch my laptop.

So I use to open an session on the laptop and run 's kdeconnect-cli -d xxxxx --share file:///path/to/that/film.mp4

And watch the film on on me phone.

If I hadn't been on the same I would have copied the file into my directory and synchronised from there.

All the apps mentioned available on @fdroidorg.

@61 what is this command? (Not kde user here) is it similar to scp?


In a way. If the argument to --share is a file:// URL it copies the file to the target device. If it is an http:// URL then it opens the URL in a browser on the target device, and so on.

Or, if you're asking about more generally, it basically bridges your phone and your desktop, allowing you to transfer stuff back and forth, initiate phone calls, read and answer SMS, etc.

Service Toot for people without command line fetish:

#VLC for #Android has built in support for: #FTP, #FTPS, #SFTP, #SMB and #NFS

In this case using VLCs SFTP support to access to your files over SSH would have totally sufficed.

@61 @fdroidorg

@uniq @61 @fdroidorg but if ssh requires gpg key from #yubikey, then the only option is ssh through #openkeychain and #termbot (both available in fdroid). #VLC can only do password authentication.


You are of course absolutely correct!

What I hadn't noticed is that recent versions of for Android even allow you to browse the remote host via . 👍


@61 @uniq @fdroidorg too bad VLC on F-Droid isn't updated regularly, last update is 6 months old.

VLC for Android

Version 3.0.13 on Play store

Version 3.0.13 on Fdroid

@fdroidorg @uniq @61 @RyuKurisu

@noorul @fdroidorg @61 @uniq I assumed that it would be updated more often. Guess I was wrong 🙃

@RyuKurisu @noorul @fdroidorg @61 @uniq Wait, It isn't in the repos last time I checked?!?

Gotta look it up again...


VLC is a very mature project, I wouldn't expect a high update rate.

@uniq @fdroidorg

@RyuKurisu @uniq @fdroidorg

I should mention that of course I am installing from @fdroidorg.

I never had a Google account and if I did, the last place where I would use it would be on my phone (which has had a lot of stuff, including all Google services, excised upon installation and rooting).

@61 @uniq @fdroidorg you're a braver man than I am. Do you know if you can cast to a Chromecast from YouTube through VLC? Maybe share the link with NewPipe to VLC and "just cast" to it? 🤔

@RyuKurisu @uniq @fdroidorg

I'm afraid I know nothing about and I do not even own a tellie.

However, I recall mirroring my phone's screen on a friend's TV set some time ago. I don't remember how we did it though. 🙁

How you setup on #Gnome system?

I've #Kodi on laptop and Kodi core remote on Android to control there.

I set up upnp server on lap and shared media directories.

Kodi or clc on Android or can browse and stream for multple devices.



I'm more of a man myself so sadly I can't give a definitive answer, but I understand is not in fact KDE specific and should be installable just like any other package, regardless of your desktop environment.

I have heard it works on windows as well, though I haven't first hand experience myself.


Unfortunately, I never make KDE connect app on gnome or kde for past years.

@61 @fdroidorg

on for Gnome there is GSConnect (fork of KDEConnect). But KDEConnect works also good on Gnome

@fdroidorg @61


That's great news for me.

I was disappointed after many attempt.

I can't wait to check out KDE connect

@marzzzello @61 @fdroidorg

@61 I've had success running minidlna on a fileserver, which shares video files over a local network. VLC supports it out of the box.

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