The shutdown of #GooglePlus is yet another warning sign for anybody providing valuable content to any closed, centralized platform.
Many of us will see shutdown of #facebook, #YouTube, #Twitter, you name it. Think about it.
Use services who support #decentralization and data export & import.

@publicvoit Most interesting, however, I felt in a similar situation a few weeks ago when one of the #fediverse instances I have an account on went down practically overnight without me having a chance to back up anything before. 😉


As @z428 has pointed out, decentralisation does not offer almost any advantages in this particular respect.

Individual instances are *more* likely to shut down or be subject to successful hacking, or data loss compared to the giants. What changes is that not *all* data would disappear (or be hacked) overnight but only parts of it.

I also note that technologies such as depend heavily on the efforts of a single developer.


@61 @z428 I can absolutely follow your rationale but I do disagree. Any decentralized, federated system is much more likely to have an import/export mechanism which lets you create backups or switch to a different instance. With the example of Google+: everything is lost for good. All the effort was spent for nothing when it comes to preventing loss of knowledge.


Ok, but in that case it is sufficient to advocate data export / import, regardless of centralisation.

For the record, I do support decentralisation but merely because I do not believe our ability to communicate and exchange information should be in the hands of a monopoly. This is not the 80s anymore.


@publicvoit @z428

In any event, custody of own data should never be delegated to a third party unless you absolutely can afford losing it. I think we agree on that. 👍

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