Looking at bug tracker:

presence priority:

“Priority is not needed in a modern XMPP environment.”

Can someone explain why “it's not needed”? Thanks!

@61 everything is asynchronous. You have receipt of messages so you know if message has been readed. You don't care about which device is online and it's already a privacy issue you know it.

@61 In a modern XMPP context with multiple devices connected at the same time, you want them to have equal priority (so, none set) and have every client receive every message, to keep conversations going while keeping context even when switching devices. That's why is getting removed from updated clients, and the way forward is MAM, carbons (and ideally routing NG to have full message sync effortlessly

Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for a clear and detailed explanation! 👍

@61 No problem, you can also check out this: (with slides) and the minutes from the XMPP summit discussions from the past few years, it is being discussed regularly

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