Just published another article on my blog, this time about Cheetah Mobile and why you should stop using their products NOW!


Feedback appreciated :blobfistbumpB:



Excellent article! 👍

Couple of observations: firstly, good call on using plain “reasons not to…” instead listicle-style “x reasons not to” (I skip stuff written in that fashion); secondly I think it may help to move right up to the beginning, maybe to the subheader, the information that this company (already forgot their name) are one of the first four to sellers in Google's app bazaar. I for one had never heard of them.

Again, congratulations on a great write-up! 🙂

@61 Hey there, thanks a lot for the kind feedback 🤗 stay tuned, I got many more articles to post :blobfistbumpB:

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