What kind of apps are people using from #fdroid? I always feel like I might be missing out on some hidden gem


I ran out of characters before I ran out of applications! 😛

@61 @TinfoilSubmarine
I'm on Android 4.2.2:
#AntennaPod - podcasts client
#Conversations - XMPP client
#Riot.im - Matrix client
#Yalp - useful for updating or (with root) removing gOgle system apps
#Maps - offline #OpenStreetMap viewer
#Disroot - app for helping their users install client software to work with their services
#OpenKeyChain - handles PGP keys for K-9?
#Nomad - Hubzilla client (haven't got this working yet)
#Tusky - Mastodon client (this neither)
#Syncthing (nor this)

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