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My boosting workflow:

1. Read interesting post
2. Follow link
3. Read article
4. Do web search for corroborating evidence from known sources
5. Looks legit?
6a. Yes, boost.
6b. No, ignore.

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is joining , & many others by blacking out their web site for a day to make people aware of the threat that of the planned directive poses for .

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When someone realises that most OpenStreetMap-related services are hosted in Europe...

(though OpenStreetMap itself has a root from Europe)

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“Therefore reincarnations, including that of the Dalai Lama, should observe the country’s laws and regulations and follow the rituals and history of religion,” Geng helpfully said.

totally wasted a great headline opportunity there. 😁

Pax : what would be the best way to force to stop withholding gate information?

You know the thing, when you look at the monitors and your departure gate doesn't show up until minutes before boarding, in the hope that you will then wander around the spending money like a good .

That is, of course, until some wee Hosenscheißer shows up.

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I don't care what you all say. is a nice airport. 🙂

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:thinkerguns: 🎉 Markor v1.7 update released - Custom Fonts, LinkBox with Markdown

Read the blog post here:

Topics: Custom and bundled Fonts, LinkBox with Markdown, WikiLink syntax, App Shortcuts

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

Donate to the project:

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

I run a only shop here and there is no way we can let this loose upon unsuspecting users whose job is to get things done not sit there wondering why they're calendars don't update.

If anyone's wondering, my calendars all of a sudden stop syncing with the error: “org.kde.pim.davresource: Error when uploading item: 400 "There was a problem with the request. The item has not been created on the server.\nAn unexpected error (401) occurred while attempting to upload …”

No way to efficiently debug the bastard, and I do know my way around akonadiconsole (unfortunately ☹).

I love the GUI but it has been my long-standing opinion over the years that is, err…, beyond economical repair.

Looking for with similar GUI and UX but which actually work, i.e. no Akonadi please.

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sure, we all have fun here on social media, but let met tell you about the original decentralized social network. It's over 200 years old, and it's called the United States Post Office

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1000 Dank an die #Datenschutz Abteilung von #1&1. Hatte dort Anfang Januar nachgefragt wie sich das Provider - Tracking abstellen lässt. Heute kam die Antwort mit Entschuldigung für die lange Bearbeitungszeit
Mobilfunkkunden von 1&1 im O2 Netz können sich nun abmelden.

The nextcloudcmd @nextcloud command. Utterly useful if you need to quickly synchronise a directory via the command line.

In my case, computer back home runs the regular client, but I'm logged out of it so not currently synchronising.

However, I needed to into it to process some data I had just uploaded to Nextcloud from my laptop.

In this case:

> nextcloudcmd ~/Nextcloud

did the job of synchronising once without needing GUI access.

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I don't do this often, but a friend of mine in Amsterdam is desperately looking for a job as a developer. 11 years of experience in mobile tech (iOS, Xamarin) and has been project manager and unit manager. She's got a work permit and is one of the best devs I know. RT+DM.

if there's one person I recommend is her, and my opinion is that she's being silently discriminated for being a woman. Please contact me via DM if you're looking for the best hire you've seen in a long time.

This is not an article but an (sponsored content they call it) but that's not the point today.

Do read Ms “Young”'s approach to life and the services and providers “she” depends on for a great example on how *not* to live your life.

All a bit #1984-ish. Hasn't the advertiser realised, or they don't care?

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