Prepare for your phone company to try to sell you a package of "free" calls where in reality what you are doing is pre-paying for minutes that you never use.

The proposed cap is about half to a third of current rates.

If you're wondering, no this isn't the same as the cap on roaming charges. This is about not getting ripped off when you call abroad to the from within your own EU country.

I haven't checked the actual text of the (I usually like checking sources myself), but this could be welcome news if it works as advertised and nobody tries to pull a fast one like for the bill.

PS: Check out the carousel for an interesting use of tech in .

European Parliament caps cost of phone calls in the | | 14.11.2018

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RT Here is a recording of the talk I gave yesterday introducing in German:
English language slides including English speaker notes are here:


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Maybe de newcomers don't know I made a Mastodon art gallery called #Artodon

Anytime you make an art piece and you tag it with #mastoart it appears there!!


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You might find this interesting, it's a list of official Fediverse / Federation accounts belonging to various organisations:

If you see an org you're interested in, maybe give them a follow to encourage them to spend time on here?

(Note that it doesn't include official crossposting bots such as @greenpeace_ch )

#Fediverse #Federation

What do you think about this news article? Is someone trying to boost their Twitter followership? I just cannot accept that the #Westerwaldlied could be found offensive, and in an anti-Semitic context of all things. That is cynicism, utter stupidity, or both. Show more

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Integrated Development Environment KDevelop 5.3 is released today with support for the Qt analyzer Clazy plus improved C++, Python and PHP support.

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Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”



It's not worth reading anything with a that:

* Has a question mark in it.
* Has a conditional (may, might, could)
* Says "study finds"
* Mentions a correlation about two variables
* Starts with a number (it's going to be a )
* Is obvious .

I don't use a newsreader but I probably should, since the first five items on my list can be trivially filtered out by a .

Anything else I could add? Better if it is testable by automated means.

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“Wir cruisen cool im Lada
durch den ganzen Osten,
und wenn wir sagen “Eastcoast”
dann meinen wir nicht Boston.”

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Something they won't talk much about in your Design class:

William Morris and the entire Arts and Crafts Movement of 1870s England was really fucking socialist.

I remember reading about Morris' design work, the ethos of the Arts and Crafts Movement, and then hearing a short lecture on it.

Then we spent the next few lectures venerating the works of World War propagandists.

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I mentioned in the Vulkan Discord yesterday that I try to use C++ sparingly, generally use the best language for the job. The response was pretty shocking. "If you use C++ you should only use C++, if you use C, you should only use C". Amazing. Explains all these horrific C++ wrappers that people make around perfectly good C APIs.

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Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

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This is an extreme example of how some contributors take data "stewardship" too seriously. There are even some who tag their usernames in the feature itself unnecessarily.

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RT Today’s power asymmetry at work: ordinary citizens have their social networking accounts scrutinized for signs of tax evasion while the super-rich and corporations get away with paying no tax at all. See this latest from France re mining social networks.


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We're a #hackerspace in Rapperswil-Jona (Switzerland) with around 10-15 active and 25 total members.

Coredump was founded in 2013 and we have moved twice since (16m² ➝ 50m² ➝ 100m²). We will soon merge with a makerspace next door, then we'll even have 200m² 💪

Our focus is currently on electronics and open source projects like #librepcb and #spaceapi. We also do a lot of #rust.

We meet every Monday starting around 20:00. Visitors are welcome!

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