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My boosting workflow:

1. Read interesting post
2. Follow link
3. Read article
4. Do web search for corroborating evidence from known sources
5. Looks legit?
6a. Yes, boost.
6b. No, ignore.

Affaire Legay : les ont refusé d’obéir à des ordres «disproportionnés»

Dans une note révélée par «», un capitaine de explique pourquoi son escadron a refusé de prendre part à la charge au cours de laquelle Geneviève Legay, 73 ans, a été grièvement blessée, le 23 mars à .

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My #pirate colleague @vonpecka on the fake news hysteria: "What we need is an educated population so that people will be really capable to distinguish the disinformation because there is no real way how to prevent the disinformation from reaching our people."
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Shit coffee, dirty public spaces, bad phone signal… welcome to .

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Have a great day everyone. Act with the confidence of an Australian retail lobby group talking with Treasury.

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Tim Cook: “If we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated, sold, or even leaked in the event of a hack, then we lose so much more than data. We lose the freedom to be human.”

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Heute Abend gibt es ein Update vom #PixArtMessenger. Freut Euch auf viele behobene Fehler und Optimierungen. Derzeit wird noch auf die Übersetzung der neuen Strings gewartet. Deadline ist 21 Uhr.

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France Inter qui fait une émission sur le #streaming audio et donne la parole uniquement à #Spotify et #Deezer sans citer à aucun moment #Qobuz, LE service français...

C'est bien triste, y en a toujours pour les plus gros...


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This may be old news to everyone else, but if you are looking to buy computer stuff:

It's a price comparison website. They don't sell or anything.

Fuck .

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note: from sunday on i will be on holiday for 1 week at the baltic sea, acrylic pictures will follow again

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RT at #dataverse2019: provides same user experience and features as Office 365 and google suite. Food for thought for Norwegian universities, including my own (


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Some updates on this story! FedEx confirms it is not shipping Huawei devices or to Huawei offices. UPS and other carriers do not appear to have the same issue. Check the story for updates.

"We are still following up with FedEx's central media relations team, but it looks like FedEx is interpreting the current government action against Huawei as banning all Huawei products from entering the country at all."

Incidentally, the allegations that the originally denied having attended an at the given address (and having rectified when given very specific details of their intervention, including the case number and licence plates of attending vehicles) are not exactly reassuring.

applauding the very careful reporting, almost reminiscent of Reuters years as an independent company, there was indubitably more details that are relevant and yet are absent from Reuters version. Compare the (traditionally “left”-learning) version: - 2/2

It is both necessary and interesting to contrast your news. After reading of Mr 's possible domestic I went to the website, as for the last few days they have opened their front-page with (positive) coverage of the “politician” (a journo and entertainer rather IMO, but I digress). Curiously, today's front-page opens with the news of how the did *not* attack . Mr Johnson was relegated to second place: Now, while - 1/2

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