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My boosting workflow:

1. Read interesting post
2. Follow link
3. Read article
4. Do web search for corroborating evidence from known sources
5. Looks legit?
6a. Yes, boost.
6b. No, ignore.


má Havlovu alej, v Praze bude Promenáda Pawla Adamovicze

Cesta v pražských Riegrových sadech s výhledem na centrum ponese jméno zavražděného primátora polského Gdaňsku Pawla Adamowicze. Místo vybral jako vhodné pro uctění Adamowiczovy památky primátor Zdeněk Hřib (Piráti) po konzultaci s polskou diplomacií. Hřib v lednu slíbil pojmenovat místo po Polákovi v reakci na dotaz Deníku.

The original post should be read in the voice of someone who spent many years in sandy places and was never made to feel like he didn't belong, so there's a close emotional attachment. I am confident that members of the community understood what was said, but I see how it might have sounded different to outsiders.

About cooperation with other congregations:

Hebrew communities have extensive experience in making sure they get the necessary protection (and when not, arranging for it themselves) so valuable lessons could be exchanged.

Christian congregations can play an important educational role amongst their own parishioners and sensitivise them to the problems faced by their Mohammedan cousins.

Not to forget other, non-religious communities: sports clubs, civic and service organisations, etc.

To clarify my comments above, as they can be open to misinterpretation:

I enthusiastically support the Muslim communities demand for better protection. Security is a basic right and Muslims are nowadays being used as scapegoats just like other communities were in the past, and still are albeit to a lesser extent. It is time to stand up and against those self-appointed gatekeepers who think they can decide who belongs and who doesn't. We're all in this together.

Announcing the Command Line Interface ()

The Arduino team has been working hard to support the needs of our professional developer community. Many of you requested a way to use our tools in Makefiles, and wanted Arduino IDE features available via a fast, clean command line interface. How cool would it be to

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What's worse (since we were the same country and ran nearly the same faith after ), the same applied when hiring higher end cars in .

Case in point: couple years ago, if you hired a car in say you couldn't take it across the border to CZ, PL, SK, etc. All of which had a lower crime rate than Dresden itself. 🙄

So yes, damn right “we” have a destructive attitude. Towards the little club that they got themselves going over there, by all means. It is the responsibility of every European to kick these opportunists and have-beens out of increasingly ineffective, dysfunctional and partial European institutions.

The fact that he can, with a straight face, support a , , , opportunist and senile candidate such as (and wasn't even aware of his legal troubles *while president of the European parliament*) should be enough of a clue why he's in no position to criticise.

Then perhaps he should ask himself why there's no love lost between countries and the .

Stopping treating these countries second class citizens would be a pretty good start, I may suggest.

For a start, it's Central European countries. Get your geography right:

top jobs: criticizes eastern Europe's 'destructive approach' | | 24.07.2019

Speaking on DW's Conflict Zone, conservative lawmaker Andreas criticized the role played by eastern European countries in the selection of candidates for the EU's key positions.

won't take garbage any more | | 25.07.2019

Racing to meet an EU target, the market in Poland is booming. But Warsaw is increasingly fed up with illegally imported foreign waste, much of it from the UK.

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Answer of to my question on indiscriminate and illegal national laws on #dataretention - without giving any justification. This cannot be accepted.
Julian Kin@JulianKingEU@twitter.compean Parliament: We're not launching infringement proceedings against EU countries with data retention regimes. #EUdataP

'Keep your hands off' , group warns | | 23.07.2019

Makers of bamboo cups claim their products are reusable and ecologically friendly. German consumer group Stiftung tested 12 brands of bamboo-based containers and argues that it's best to avoid them.


Perhaps you could approach and point out that, while this article is very commendable, the illustration chosen (a ddoesn't do much to improve the situation: there's a strong implication that one of them must be an immigrant, based solely on their looks.

So, while reporting on discriminatory attitudes, the article's editors have inadvertently reinforced them.

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No, it‘s not The Onion. It’s Amazon. Ice cube vest for hot days. This is what you get when climate change an stupidity work hand in hand.

Indeed, it's time that those of Muslim faith stop seeing themselves as second class citizens. The state has a duty to protect and they're slacking.

In the matter of security, cooperation with other congregations wouldn't go amiss either, if not already happening.

's demand better protection amid increased threats | | 24.07.2019

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