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My boosting workflow:

1. Read interesting post
2. Follow link
3. Read article
4. Do web search for corroborating evidence from known sources
5. Looks legit?
6a. Yes, boost.
6b. No, ignore.

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The companies and people unfriending | | 28.03.2018

A number of companies have said they are either abandoning Facebook or pressing pause of their use of the social network. But the company said it hasn't seen a meaningful number of people ready to .

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Noes, the makers of the #Yotaphone went bankrupt!

This was an amazing phone that was way ahead of its time. Two screens, the one on the "back" was a touch-screen #eInk display! On version 2, you could mirror Android to the back screen, and use it entirely from the eInk side. Or, apps could be configured to display things specially on it.

Sadly, the hardware was buggy, and the software was intrusive to the OS, so updates were hard.

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@__h2__ offered a 50€ bounty for proper Android TV support.

If that's of any interest to you, maybe you want to add to that bounty. Or maybe you want to implement the missing bits.

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The - map context menu now includes more special maps:
the Node-Types map
the Baby-Map and
the Farm-Shop map

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Claude on Twitter: "@AnaCoelhoBXL @BrusselsGeek @EPPGroup @ALDEgroup @TheProgressives So I just met an ALDE MEP who told me that Spanish MEPs from all 3 groups had asked about my name & ethnic origin to try & find reasons for my stance. My stance was based on principle, & the rules of the EP." / Twitter

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for out there:

1. How many screens do you use?
2. What's your total pixel count?
3. Total surface?

Ta! 😊

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An old report concerning some issue or another, from the multinational were I cut my teeth. It starts:

“Mr @61, whose first language is …”

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@yogthos like the old soviet joke:

"18 bullets in the back? I haven't seen such a tragic suicide in a long time!"

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KDE Applications 19.04 is out! The bundle comes with improvements and exciting new features for Okular, Gwenview, Konsole, Kate, Spectacle, Kontact, and many, many more.


Full announcement:

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The release of @opensuse Leap 15.1 is quickly approaching. If you haven't tested the rolling betas, we highly recommend it -

First They Came for Assange | by Yanis

Mike , Trump’s first director and now Secretary of State, once described as “a non-state hostile intelligence service.” That is exactly right, and it is an equally accurate description of what every self-respecting news outlet ought to be.

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RT @sotm
We have our first platinum sponsor - a big thank you goes to the Ministry of Transportation Baden-Württemberg

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RT @openstreetmap
State of the Map 2020: The call for venues is now open! Assemble your team and propose your city as host for the next OpenStreetMap conference!

The “block domain” function 😍

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